La Hechicera Rum

La Hechicera Rum


Straight from Colombia’s exuberant Caribbean coast. La Hechicera is a fine blend of rums of 12 to 21 years of age. Gracefully matured in American white oak casks. 

La Hechicera is a naturally ‘unpolished’ rum, which means it has not been rounded up with additives or sugar,  
its smoothness and flavour are the result of the noble wood it is aged in.  
This is the traditional way of making rum that does not require any polishing or ‘finishing’ – any additive would only opaque its innate brilliance.




£34.92 ex VAT (£4.99 Per 10cl)

key points

Distillery La Hechicera
Bottler Type Distillery
Strength 40%
Size 70cl


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